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Vienna Street Scene
Vienna (April 2007)

Vienna Street Scene (2007)

Vienna Pages by Andrew Nash

I am a transport planner living in Vienna. These pages present some impressions of Vienna including:

Vienna is one of the world's most beautiful and sophisticated cities. It was first settled as an outpost of the Roman Empire called Vindobona. The city center is filled with history and the remnants of the Hapsburg Empire which at one time stretched through most of Europe. The empire attracted the best artists and musicians from throughout the world (Mozart, Beethoven, Klimt, Otto Wagner, and Schiele to name only a handful).

Vienna's center city is surrounded by the Ringstrasse, a wide parkway that was build during the mid-1800s where the city's walls once stood. The Ring is the site of many of Vienna's most elegant public buildings including the Opera, Hofberg Theater, City Hall (Rathaus), Votive Church, and Parliament.

Vienna is famous for its extremely progressive social housing program which built and operates housing throughout the city. Some of the most famous planners and architects have built this housing including the environmentalist/artist/architect Hundertwasser. The city also has large amount of open space including the Prater (Vienna's answer to Central Park), the Danube Island (actually part of Vienna's flood defenses designed in the early 1900s by the famous architect/engineer Otto Wagner), the Vienna Woods, and vineyards (Vienna is said to produce more wine within its borders than any other major city).

Admittedly Biased Vienna Recommendations

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Getting Around - Public Transit in Vienna

Vienna's public transit operator Wiener Linien (Vienna Lines) operates an extensive public transit system including an underground metro, a tram network, and buses. Public transit is frequent and inexpensive, while parking is difficult and expensive. Click the link on the Wiener Linien webpage for toursit information on tickets and using the system.

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City Tours: Vienna

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Day Trips from Vienna

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Useful Vienna Websites

The City of Vienna homepage includes information on city government, history, images, links, and even MP3 downloads of the Vienna Symphony playing "Johann Strauss: An der schönen blauen Donau op. 314 (Blue Danube Waltz)."

The Vienna City Planning Department website is available in German.

The Vienna Tourism Board has a comprehensive website with sightseeing, accomodation, travel and other information about Vienna.

Vienna's Architecture Center part of the city's Museums Quartier offers walking tours oriented to architecture and planning. Their website also includes an extensive list of city planning and architecture links. The Museums Quartier is home to several excellent museums and cultural facilities.

The website (German) presents a calendar of activities of interest to planners and architects such as exhibitions and lectures.

Virtual Vienna is an excellent English-language Guide, Resource Directory and Community for Expats in and Visitors to Vienna and Austria.

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Updated: 11 January 2008