Driving the Bernia Express, Sept 2004

Andrew Nash
Vienna Transport Strategies
Vienna, Austria

Where's the steering wheel?

Web 2.0 Applications for Transportation Planning

One of my main research interests is in the use of Internet technologies to improve cities and transportation. My hypothesis is that web-based applications can be developed that enable citizens to really help government identify and implement improvements in urban infrastructure and services.

Applications like seeclickfix are pioneers in this effort. These websites enable residents to identify non critial problems, suggest solutions and work together to assign priority to these problems and solutions. Cities are beginning to use these types of applications to help guide their repair crews.

My research focuses on combining internet games (to help players understand urban infrastructure), with crowd-sourced best practices libraries (to help people learn more about urban infrastructure and services) and social networking (to help people lobby city decision-makers effectively). See Bus Meister for a more detailed description of the idea.

Here are several of my publications that summarize the use of Web 2.0 applications in transportation and urban planning. The references to these publications provide additional information.

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